Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing


Step #1 – Pre-Spray Applied

Pre-spray is applied to loosen the soils on the tile and the grout lines.


Step #2 – Agitation When Needed

When needed, the grout lines will be agitated to further loosen the soils before the Turbo Tool is used to clean the tile and grout surface.


Step #3 – High pressure hot water extraction cleaning performed

The tool used to clean the tile and grout is our Turbo Tool. About one foot in diameter, the Turbo Tool sits flush with the tile surface, keeping the water and soils contained within the housing unit until they are extracted into our holding tank. Combined with the 220-250 degrees Fahrenheit high pressure water and the spinning motion of the spray jets, the soils are very affectively removed, leaving a clean tile and grout surface.

Step #4 – Sealer Applied

To help protect your clean tile and grout surface, we can apply a sealer that will help where your tile and grout will clean up easier and stay cleaner longer.

Sealer Applied